Speeds and Feeds

Correct Speeds and Feeds Maximize Quality and Tool Life

Learn how to determine the proper cutting speeds and feed rates to achieve the most efficient operation based on the hardness and diameter of the material being manipulated.

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Specialty Taps at Regal Cutting Tool

SuperTuf Taps Make Special Applications In Tough Materials Easy

High performance taps do not just come in standard sizes. Specialty designs taps are created at Regal and quicker than other manufacturers. Learn more!

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Watts Barr Nuclear Plant

World Class Service, Even on Sundays

President Dick Hartnett and the Regal Team come to the rescue for Watts Barr Nuclear plant in Spring City, Tennessee. Learn how Regal administers dedication towards any customer with any size problem.

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Powder Metallurgy: What Is It and The Major Advantages It Offers

Regal combines sound engineering with practical chemistry to create tools of superior quality and toughness for the SuperTuf line of end mills.

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Extension Taps Add Flexibility to Machining Centers

Having issues trying to program a machine center with complex tapping requirements? Read these guide to help enhance your productivity today.

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