Twist Drill Applications by Industry

twist drills

Whether you work in the aircraft, automotive, or another mechanical industry, it is important to have the safest and most efficient tools in hand to get the job done. Without the right tools, productivity will suffer, and a high-quality finished product is not guaranteed. To get a better idea about which twist drills your business might need, take a look at the applications used in some of the largest North American industries.

Aerospace & Aircraft Industry

Our drill bits comply with National Aerospace Standards and are made from high quality steel. They are available for use in fixture and portable drilling, and both aircraft assembly plants and maintenance facilities rely on their resilient and cost effective design. Aircraft drill options include the following:

  • Jobber Length Aircraft Drills. Types A, B, J, and D drills are made to NAS 907 specifications. They are straight shank drills that are suitable for many applications in the aerospace industry.
  • Screw Machine Length Aircraft Drills. Available in Type C HSS and Type F Cobalt machine lengths, these drills are especially useful in portable drilling where the use of rigid tools is preferred.
  • 6” and 12” Extension Drills. These high speed steel and cobalt drills are used in the most tough to reach locations.
  • Special Purpose. These special purpose drills are used to either counter bore or countersink holes for fasteners.

In addition to these tools, Regal Cutting Tools offers piloted core drills, end mills, and nut plate drills for any and all aircraft manufacturing and repair needs.

Automotive Industry

From automobile manufactures to repair and equipment shops, Regal twist drills play a major role in the automotive industry. In addition to standard jobber drills, solid carbide taps are frequently used in the automotive industry.  These taps consist of ultra-fine-grain carbide along with a cobalt binder, allowing for high shear cutting edges to thread hard metals. Regal also offers large tools for manufacturers of off-road equipment, as these are specifically suited for tapping and drilling frames and bodies of large machinery.

Machine Shops

Machine shops have varied needs that change based on the products they produce. For this reason, many businesses require customized solutions to meet their needs. However, there are some twist drills that are commonly seen in these applications:

  • Taper Shank Drills. These drills are designed for general purpose drilling through a variety of materials, but most common applications are related to large holes drilled onto lathes. The long flute length makes it possible to drill deep holes, and the innovative helix and flute design assists in chip evacuation. The use of high speed steel also provides wear-resistance and makes the taper shank drill useful for both ferrous and nonferrous materials.
  • Cobalt Drill Bits. Made out of premium cobalt steel, these drill bits are designed to drill abrasive and tough materials. These include stainless steel, heat-treated steel, and high temperature alloys.

At Regal Cutting Tools, our goal is to help our customers and distributors find the twist drills they need to enhance productivity and ensure quality. Contact us today to find the cost-effective solution that will work for your business.