Twist Drills

Twist Drills

Twist drills are the most common and easiest way to put a hole in steel, wood or other non-ferrous materials but with so many options to choose from it is important that you use the correct one for your specific application. Doing so will increase production, lower operating costs and provide you with the exact finish you are looking for. 

 Twist Drills 101
Twist drills are rotary cutting tools that normally have two cutting edges and two flutes which are grooves formed in the body to provide cutting lips, to permit the removal of chips and to allow coolant or cutting fluid to reach the cutting action. They are identified by the:

  • Shank style - Straight or Taper
  • Length - Screw Machine, Jobber or Taper length
  • Material
  • Helix or Spiral of the flutes


The Right Material Can Make a World of a Difference

Choosing the proper design for the application particularly in high volume applications can be a cost saving decision.  High speed steel is the general purpose tool and fits many short run and maintenance jobs. Cobalt twist drills provide longer life and can be run at higher speeds, while carbide drills are the choice when conditions of speed, feed and rigidity are optimum.  Coatings can add life to all of these tools

Trusted Brand for Over a Century

Regal Cutting Tools supplies a wide selection of common twist drills for your convenience, and if special configurations or custom drills are needed we supply free quotes and fast delivery. Our “NATIONAL” brand of twist drills has been trusted in manufacturing high quality tools for over 100 years, serving the needs of industries such as:

To get a better idea about which twist drills your business might need, read our article about applications by industry.

Our comprehensive knowledge of applying geometries, tool materials, and coatings to twist drills ensures that we provide you with the best information in order to accomplish your desired results. Let Regal Cutting Tools be your provider for your twist drill needs. See our huge selection below. 

To get the best results and tool life from your drills be sure to read our 6 basic drilling principles.
Jobber Length Drills
Jobber drill bits are straight shank drills suitable for general purpose applications.
Screw Machine Length Drills
The short flute and overall length of this style drill provide drilling capabilities both in the restricted space of screw machines and  increased rigidity for portable drilling. 
Taper Length Drills
Long flute and overall length design is for jobs requiring extra reach or for deep hole drilling.
Taper Shank Drills
Taper Shank Drills fit American Standard (Morse) tapered holder sizes #1 to #6. The diameter of the drill will determine the shank size.
Silver & Deming Drills
Reduced shank on drill diameters to 1 ½” offers flexibility in using various drilling equipment. 
Aircraft Drills
For sixty years Regal has provided the aircraft and aerospace industries aircraft drill bits for use in portable and fixtured  drilling.
Railroad Drills
This group of tools is used primarily in the maintenance of way of railroads.
Combination Drills
This convenient tool combines the drilling and countersinking of a hole in one operation.
Spotting Drills

Cobalt spotting drills are used to drill an initial hole on a surface when hole location is critical.

Carbide Drills
The carbide drill bits provided by Regal Cutting tools are for industrial use in materials such as cast iron, nonferrous heavy metal and other abrasive materials.
Cobalt Drill Bits
Regal cobalt drill bits are made from premium cobalt steel to provide superior hardness and are very resistant to abrasion.
A variety of sets to meet the needs of American Craftsmen. Set combinations of High Speed Steel, Titanium Nitrided Coated and Cobalt drills in various size ranges.