Special Features

Best for: Customers who require the most unusual of special taps

Ships: From Blanks: 5 days
              From Bar Steel: 10 days
A wide range of features are often required to meet the needs of our customers’ job details.  So, we have skilled employees experienced in manufacturing taps with:
  • controlled minor diameters
  • special radius thread forms
  • multiple lead threads
  • coolant holes
  • many other important features required to produce specified dimensions

Special Feature Tap Options Include:

  • Close Tolerances
  • Control Minor Diameter
  • Cup Point
  • Interrupted Thread
  • Special Grind of flutes
  • Special Shank Features
  • Tandem multi series
  • Truncated Major Diameter
  • Special tool steel
Unusual tools and special taps are no problem, and our reliable on time performance has never been duplicated.
Tell us what you need, we will supply the tools to get your job done.  Request a custom tap now.