End Mills

End Mills

End Mills cut material on both the periphery and end simultaneously creating stress since the tool is held only at the spindle. Regal’s design minimizes deflection and chatter. Facing, slotting and profiling can be accomplished with two, three or four or more flute tools.  Regal provides a complete range of tools in high speed steel and cobalt steel as well as carbide for these operations. Whether the job requires an end mill cutting to the center or non-center cutting we have the tool in an extensive range of sizes. When cavity milling is necessary tools with a radius ground on the corner or a ball end mill is recommended.  Consistent tool life is assured through constant research into design and the best composition of steel and heat treating methods.

Free standing milling machines and many NC older generation equipment perform economically and efficiently using high speed and cobalt tools. Regal pioneered the use of particle metal, now the Super Tuf Line of variable helix end mills made from PMX steel tackle the toughest job. Carbide end mills can be used when rigid machines with higher speed and controlled feed rates are used.

High Speed Steel End Mills
Many configurations of single end and double end HSS end mills with a variety of flute configurations are available.
Cobalt End Mills
Cobalt steel resists abrasion and retains hardness in elevated temperatures associated with milling difficult machine materials. 

Variable helix high performance end mills made from super particle metal material to provide fracture resistance under high shock conditions.

 Cobalt and High Speed Steel
Regal Cutting Tools manufactures a variety of roughers for a wide range of materials and conditions.
Carbide End Mill
Regal provides carbide end mills made from ultra micro grain carbide that improves hardness without sacrificing toughness.
Ball End Mills
Ball end mills are used for drilling shallow holes, slotting a channel where a flat bottom is not required or most commonly used to produce multi-dimensional contours in molds or dies.