SuperTuf SS-DA Spiral Point for Stainless Steel in DIN/ANSI

SuperTuf premium particle metal is used in this uniquely designed tap for proper edge support and free cutting action in all free machining stainless steels and tough carbon steel. Titanium Nitride Coating is provided for extended tool life.
DIN-ANSI dimensions for difficult to reach tapping
Special Taps are available in 10 days
Suitable for: Low and Medium carbon steel as well as structural steel with  hardness less than BHN 250
Free Machining and Austenitic and Ferritic Stainless

HSSE particle metal for wear resistance

  • Defined flute design to shear chips effectively
  • Precise controlled cutting action
  • DIN-ANSI DIN overall length ANSI thread dimensions
  • Quick service specials available

With exceptional edge support, this free cutting tap, uses consistent cutting angles on both chamfer and flute face for excellent chip control. Our proprietary micro-particle steel supports the cutting edge in these stainless and carbon steels.  The combination of extreme toughness, wear resistance enhanced with TiN coating and closely controlled cutting action provides excellent tool life.DIN length for hard to reach tapping. ANSI thread specifications.
Special taps are available in our quick service program.