Machine Shops

Machine Shop Metal Cutting Tools

Our Experience Sets Us Apart

Machine Shops and contract manufacturers are diverse and complex to supply.

At Regal, we have been helping customers’ needs for taps, drills, or end mills for years.  Because of our experience, we are confident that we can decipher our customers’ needs in most cases when information is lacking.

Examining drilled or milled parts with no tolerances shown and extremely complex blueprints are routine when recommending tooling equipment to machine materials, often with vague descriptions.  Our team of specialists, with years of experience interacting with either direct customers or distributors, will provide recommendations to supply taps, drills or end mills to complete the machining requirements.

We Help You Get the Job Done on Time

Because many tooling needs are not known until the job is awarded, we know how important fast service is. Our 24 Hour Tap program provides reliable on-time delivery of special thread tooling, including gages, to help our customers get the job done right and on time.

See our product solutions below or learn more about our Special Taps offerings.