Special Taps from Blanks

Best for: Customers who need taps that fit basic standards, but with special features

Ships: Next day—“24 Hour Special Taps”
The term "Blank" refers to semi-finished tools that conform to ANSI (American National Standards Institute) dimensions in length and holding (shank) specifications. 
The commonly used tables are:
  • 302 for taps to 1" 
  • Either 302 or 303 for taps over 1"
The following characteristics are determined by the customers need:
  • Threads per inch
  • Thread form
  • Pitch diameter limits 
Taps are made to 6" in diameter every day, and 99% of customer orders for blank special taps are shipped the next day.

60+ Years of Next Day Special Taps Service

Regal pioneered "24 Hour" shipment for this style of special taps sixty years ago, with streamlined processing unmatched by competition.   
Today we manufacture as many as 100 orders for next day shipment.
Download our Special Tap Catalog to see our full offering of special and custom taps, or Request a custom tap now.