aircraft jobber drills

Aircraft Industry Soars with Regal Drills

Regal Cutting Tools has been equipping the aviation industry for 60+ years. Learn more about the products that continue to serve manufacturers and repair shops.  

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Why Do Distributors and End-Users Use the Regal Cutting Tools Website?

Regal carries a full line of cutting tools and it's important for us to share our products and services with clients & end-users on our website. See the benefits of browsing our website. 

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black oxide jobber length drill

Why Do We Carry Two Distinct Brands of Twist Drills?

Due to distinct, market driven differences, we feature the design and application differences between National Twist Drill & New York Twist Drill. Learn more about both!

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hand tap

Hand Tap 101: The Background Behind Regal’s Most Popular Product

Learn more about what actually defines a modern hand tap and how taps get their names. You will also see a variety of key applications that our hand taps are used for!

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Twist Drill Applications by Industry

Whether you work in the aircraft, automotive, or another mechanical industry, Regal's twist drills our made to meet your needs. Learn more about our twist drills and their applications.

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