large diameter tap

Regal’s Large-Diameter Taps Fuel Energy Firms’ Productivity

Regal's large diameter taps play an important role in the oil, gas, coal, and alternative energy sectors. Learn more about their ability to deliver precise, yet rugged, threads.

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twist drill

Finding the Right Product for Deep Hole Drilling

When drilling to a depth ten times the diameter, there are a few options to choose from. Your options will vary depending on the machinery available plus the quality & volume of parts. Learn more.

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Should You Use a Tap Extension Holder Or a Standard Extension Tap?

When choosing between extension holders and extension taps factors such as thread depth, flank finish, and class of fit all come into play. Learn more about key areas to consider.

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thread browsing

Less Frequently Used Thread Series and Their Uses

Most people are familiar with common thread symbols such as NC, NF, NEF and NPT. But what about less common symbols like NPSH, NPTR and BGO? Find out more!

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tap and drill set

Extend Tap Life with Proper Drill Selection

Regal has created imperial and metric tap drill charts to help users tap holes with sufficient thread % while maximizing tap life. Learn more about choosing the optimal tap drill!

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