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Regal Cutting Tools at WESTEC, West Coast’s Premier Metalworking Show

Regal Cutting Tools will be attending WESTEC, where the West Coast’s brightest manufacturing minds come together to explore, evaluate, connect and do business. Learn more.

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twist drill

Keep Your Regal Twist Drill In Peak Condition for Longer Than Ever Before

Metal shops can reduce operating costs by taking steps to keep their twist drills operational for longer periods of time. Discover the keys to extending twist drill life and choosing the best Regal twist drill for your application.

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thread tap

Navigate the Complexities of Thread Design Options With Regals Experienced Staff

With years of experience helping both distributors and end users, Regal can recommend the best possible tap design for your needs. Learn how we can help you make the correct choice.

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taper pipe tap

Suggested Taper Pipe Tap Styles For Various Materials

If your company is involved in high volume production and repetitive business, you can benefit from taper pipe taps for specific materials. Use Regal's table to find the right tap style based on your needs.

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productivity analysis

Are Coolant Feeding Drills The Answer To Drilling Efficiency?

When production drilling is routine and consistent, it’s a good idea to evaluate the use of coolant feeding, solid carbide drills. In this article, learn three of the most important factors that go into purchasing a new machine tool.

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