Power Generation

Power Generation Metal Cutting Tools

Power generation encompasses multiple methods of generating energy to run every aspect of our country.

The Importance of Power Generation & Metalworking Tools

  • Mining. Cutting tools used in mining include taps for mine roof bolts as well as drills taps and end mills in a variety of shops building or maintaining equipment.
  • Oil & Gas. This exploration requires tools such as sucker rod taps and 8 and 12 pitch large diameter taps for power plant construction and repair.
  • Wind & Solar. The emerging sources of wind and solar power use  taps, drills and end mills to manufacture the components of solar panels, the generators atop wind turbines and tapped footings or nuts to support towers.

Often the urgency of maintaining a constant source of power demands the delivery of tools, particularly taps in 24 hours, often to a job site not convenient for quick delivery.  That’s where Regal shines.

Quality Design with Reliable Delivery

Regal has always made sure the tools were where they needed to be, often using special delivery services and sometimes meeting a truck and driver at a road intersection.

Regal engineers have worked in conjunction with designers of all this equipment to provide the optimum design for cost effective productivity and reliable delivery.

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