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The Right Tap For The Job: Standard Fasteners vs. Specialty Fasteners

The manufacture of fasteners is segmented by standard fasteners and specialty fasteners. 

Standard fasteners are made on high volume, high speed unique machines designed for optimum productivity. Unlike most tapping, the tool does not retract, but rather the nuts continue on the shank and are dropped into a container.  Nutap, Sakai and Nomura are dominant machines used to produce nuts in this fashion.
Regal supplies brazed and threaded shank taps for these applications. Print specifications are required due to variables in the tapping conditions.

Specialty fasteners for the aircraft industry are normally made from stainless steel or more exotic materials.  Taps we design for these parts are made from high alloy particle metal with specific geometry for producing high quality threads.

Large diameter nuts and other fastening devices, because of small quantities, frequently are tapped on conventional machines, where accurate fit and finish can be attained.
Regal supplies custom special taps and blueprint specification (often with special lengths or features). Using the right tap can optimize performance and extend the life of the tap itself.  Large diameter taps conforming to standard tolerances produce excellent results under normal conditions. 

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