Product Icon Key

Product Icons are shown throughout all the product pages in our standard catalog and website. In the three major product groups Taps, Drills and End mills the first Icon depicts the material the product is made from, the second set of icons describes key features and the third notes any surface treatment or coating applied to that specific group of tools.

Taps, Mills and Thread Gages

TAP icons include the grade or kind of high speed steel the tap is made from. In the case of carbide taps, it represents micro-grain carbide.

There are icons to designate the United States Cutting Tool Institute dimension table to which the tap is made.

Icons of the common coatings and treatments which can be applied to taps are listed in order to select a means of increasing tool life. 

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DRILL icons follow the same pattern. Material the drill is made from is the first group of icons. The second group notes the point configuration of the drill. The third notes the coatings and treatments normally associated with our twist drills.

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End Mills

The first icon confirms the material the tool is made from. The second group notes multiple features to assist in selecting the right geometry.  Number of flutes, end geometry and helix angle can be quickly identified. Coating are identified by icon and end mills made to NAS specifications are noted as well. 

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