Taper Shank Drills

Taper Shank Drills
Taper Shank Drills

Taper Shank Drills fit American Standard (Morse) tapered holder sizes #1 to #6. The diameter of the drill will determine the shank size. They are designed for general purpose drilling in a wide variety of materials. Technical data for Regal's taper shank drills can be found on page 110 of our full product catalog.

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  • Designed to fit American Standard (Morse) taper shank holders
  • Used in various drilling applications and materials 

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Most common applications are related to larger holes drilled on lathes and radial drills. Long flute lengths make deep hole drilling possible and the flute and helix design assist in chip evacuation. High speed steel (HSS) provides strong wear-resistance and can be used on both ferrous and nonferrous materials for general purpose applications. Black oxide surface treatment prevents chip building, galling, and welding on the tool.