Medical Metal Cutting Tools

Although human body replacement joints have been used for a number of years, America’s aging population has caused the manufacture  of knee, hip, shoulder and elbow replacements to expand dramatically.  These joints, normally made from titanium or other high alloy materials, are made by specialized companies using the latest CNC machine tools. 

Medical Diagnostic Tools to Keep Up with Changing Demands

Improvements in medical diagnostic equipment with ever changing safety issues have created a model changeover almost annually.  Drills, taps, end mills and gages of a variety of sizes are used to manufacture components for this highly specialized equipment.

Regal’s SuperTuf line of center cutting variable helix standard  or special dimension end mills will meet the toughest requirements.
Carbide end mills are dominant in this industry, and Regal provides both multi-purpose and high performance standard end mills, there are many circumstances where premium particle end mills, particularly in deep contouring applications, are the most productive and cost efficient.

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