Automotive & Transportation

Automotive and Transportaiton Metal Cutting Tools

Who Uses Our Metalworking Tools?

  • Automobile manufacturers
  • Producers of trucks
  • Off road equipment shops
  • Repair shops

Drills & Taps for Your Industry Needs

Automotive and transportation industries use a wide array of cutting tools, from standard jobber drills to sophisticated coolant feeding high production taps. Regal supplies:

  • Solid carbide taps to engine builders
  • Large diameter tools to off road equipment makers for drilling and tapping frames, bodies or accessories of earth moving and farm agriculture machinery. 
  • Drills with unique design help truck body and bus manufacturers assemble their products quickly.

Regal taps and end mills, plus NATIONAL twist drills, are sold to producers of all means of transportation throughout North America by a network of industrial distributors.

Our Manufacturing Locations

Special tools for drilling crankshafts, tapping transmission housings  or assembling the body of a school bus are designed and built in our two manufacturing facilities in Roscoe, Illinois and Loris, South Carolina.

See our product solutions below or contact us to see which tool is best for your industry.