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Regal Cutting Tools has provided metal cutting tools to support various industries, from aircraft manufacturers to machine shops for over sixty years. During that time, our customers have used our large variety of metal cutting tools including taps, drills, end mills, and more to meet critical requirements and turn out great products.

Regal’s Growing Expertise and Quality Metal Cutting Tools from a Dedicated Staff

Our two manufacturing locations in Roscoe, Illinois and Loris, South Carolina are unique in servicing customers with reliable on-time delivery.  The tool designers, engineers, and sales support staff at each location, have years of experience understanding the needs and specifications of customers across industries. Whether the demand is for a standard or custom metal cutting tools.

Learn More About the Industries that Utilize Regal’s Metal Cutting Tools:

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Aerospace & Aircraft

Regal Cutting Tools has provided production tools to support aircraft manufacturers and maintenance facilities for sixty years.  Our experience is proven.

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Automotive & Transportation

Regal taps and end mills along with NATIONAL twist drills are sold to producers of all means of transportation throughout North America by a network of industrial distributors.

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Power Generation

Regal goes above and beyond the call of duty for the Power industry, from special delivery services to meeting a truck and driver at a road intersection.

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Fluid Power

Regal supplies  drills taps and gages to companies in this diverse category.  In critical applications, our metal cutting tools come through.

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Fastener Manufacturers

The manufacture of fasteners for American industry is segmented, but our experienced customer service representatives can help determine the best design for your needs.

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Improvements in medical diagnostic equipment with ever changing safety issues have created a model changeover almost annually, but Regal helps it customers meet the demand.

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Machine Shops

Machine shops and contract manufacturers are both diverse and complex to supply, but Regal has the experience needed for solid, fast service.

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Composite Cutting Tools

We provide PCD brazed to carbide bodies for a variety of uses, including drilling, reaming and milling. Regal can supply composite cutting tools and meet your productivity goals.

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