Regal Cutting Tools that Serve the Aircraft and Aerospace Industries

The aircraft and aerospace industries are critical in today’s connected world. From transportation to communications, these industries allow the world to work as an interconnected whole. Without them, shipping products and passengers would still take weeks or months, navigation would still be reliant on maps, and modern entertainment and communications would cease to exist.

To be successful, these industries need the best tools, and that’s why they rely on Regal Cutting Tools.

Aircraft and Regal Cutting Tools

From design and production to service and repair, the aircraft industry requires a wide variety of specialized drills and end mills. Aircraft manufacturers have long been on the cutting edge of material design, making stronger and lighter materials that require advanced tooling equipment. Regal has spent decades keeping up with these changes, providing advanced tools for these materials.
Regal provides a wide variety of end mills, drills, and specialty tools to the aircraft industry:

Our tools are used in every phase of aircraft production and repair.

Aerospace and Regal Cutting Tools

The demands of the aerospace industry are even more rigorous than those of the aircraft industry. The materials used range from the innovative to things seen in science fiction. Advanced composites that are light enough to leave Earth, yet strong enough to survive launch require their own specialized tools.
Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers (CFRP) are one of the most common materials used in the aerospace industry. These materials are very light and very strong. They are also very abrasive, and often layered with metal. Aerospace tools must be able to cut the CFRP without pulling fibers, while also being able to drill through metal.

Regal provides a variety of coated tools in High Speed Steel, Cobalt and Carbide for drilling Composite materials. The advantages are:

  •  Avoid fraying
  • Avoid cracking and breaking
  • Wear resistant
  • Drill through CFRP layered with metal

Whether used in power feed or fixed equipment, or for hand drilling operations in difficult spaces, Regal has the tools that the aerospace industry depends on.

In the Air or in Orbit

The world depends on the aircraft and aerospace industries. The demands our global society place on these industries grow every day. To meet those demands, aircraft and aerospace designers, manufacturers, and service personnel rely on Regal Cutting Tools. Contact Regal today to see how we can help you meet your production demands.