Special Taps

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What is a special tap or custom tap?

The term “special tap” can convey many variables to the formation of internal threads. Generally speaking, the term refers to any taps having special diameter, pitch or both. 
In addition, common sizes and limits are considered special if the dimensions of the tap do not conform to United States Cutting Tool, or ISO standards.

The First and the Best in 24-Hour Special Taps

Regal Cutting Tools revolutionized special tap manufacturing in 1955 by making special diameter or pitch taps that conformed to USCTI tables overnight. Before that, 4-8 weeks were required based on the complexity of the tap. 
With nearly sixty years of experience in supplying taps to a wide variety of manufacturers, we know which are the most popular and carry extensive inventories. Then, by having blanks in various stages of manufacture (heat treated, fluted and in some cases threaded), any special taps conforming to USCTI tables will be shipped in 24 hours with a reliability factor of 99%.  

Other Types of Special Taps

Manufacturers design parts with threads of a specific function. Finite adjustments, load bearing and other considerations are possible reasons to utilize special threads. Machine configurations and holding systems can require special taps made from raw material due to length or holder limitations.  
Based on the quantity required these, may take up to ten days to manufacture.

Technology to Optimize Special Tap Performance

Production tapping can be optimized by designing special taps for the specific material of the part. To optimize performance, we use:
  • A variety of particle metal tool steels or ultra-fine grain carbide material
  • Coatings that to add hard and smooth surfaces extend the life of our taps. 
Trapezoidal, Acme or Radius form threads are also designed using our proprietary “Tap Expert” computer aided design system. 
Need a custom tool?  We have 24 hour special tap service available. Request a custom special tap.