SuperTuf Special Taps from Blanks

Best for: Customers who need special taps for tough-to-machine materials
Ships: With coating in 10 days
The productivity required to machine more difficult materials has led to highly defined geometries in taps. 
Research has also shown the importance of using the optimum alloy of particle metal for the specific grade and condition of the part being produced. Our recommended coating will be applied at no additional cost.
That’s why, through years of testing, we have developed the preferred geometry coupled with the best grades of 
premium particle metal of:
  • Cobalt
  • Vanadium
  • Tungsten steel

The result?  

  • The best special tap for any tough need
  • Made to Table 302A dimensions 
  • Taps designated DIN/ANSI made to standard ANSI thread dimensions with DIN length.
Tell us your job requirements, we will recommend a tool to meet your production needs.  Request a custom tap now.