Regal Cutting Tools That Serve the Automotive and Transportation Industries

Automotive and Transportation Industries

The automotive and transportation industries keep America moving. Without these industries, farmers couldn’t grow food, factories couldn’t receive materials and deliver products, and nobody would be making it to work tomorrow. We depend on these to keep our food, products, and bodies moving—and these industries depend on Regal.
To keep things running smoothly, Regal provides drilling and cutting tools for a wide variety of applications. Some industries that rely on our tools are:

  • Passenger vehicle manufacturers
  • Farm equipment manufacturers
  • Vehicle and equipment repair shops
  • Off-road equipment producers
  • Commercial vehicle producers

From manufacture and delivery, to maintenance and repair, Regal is there every step of the way.

Many Tools for Many Needs

No two industries have identical needs. Each production facility, manufacturer, and repair shop has their own unique needs, depending on the equipment they use and the type of vehicles they service. To meet these varied needs, Regal provides a huge selection of cutting and drilling tools.

  •  Solid Carbide Taps: Our carbide taps are designed to withstand the demands of cutting hard materials in a high production facility. These taps provide unsurpassed productivity in production facilities making everything from engine blocks to landing gear.
  • Metric Spiral Point Taps: Metric sizes used in the manufacture of engines, transmissions, steering systems and even assembly are available from our inventory.
  • Large Diameter Tools: Larger equipment requires larger tools. Agricultural and earth moving vehicles dwarf most other vehicles. To help manufacturers and repair shops work on these behemoths, Regal provides carbide taps with diameters greater than one inch. These carbide taps can be used in production or repairs where larger threaded holes are needed.
  • Custom Drills: Specialty drills are designed to speed the assembly of things like trucks and buses. Faster assembly means higher profits.
  • End Mills: Repair shops don’t usually have the equipment to cast new parts from raw metal. That means they need to be able to mill parts on site, or be willing to wait weeks for a cast replacement. With Regal’s end mills, these shops can quickly produce replacements to keep their fleet running.

Regal’s metalworking tools help serve the automotive and transportation industries in various manners. However, this is only one of many industries for which Regal provides cutting edge metalworking tools.  

Contact us today to see which tool is best for your industry.