How Regal's Super-Tuf High Performance End Mills Serve the Medical Industry

Over recent years, there has been a dramatic expansion in the way that joints in the human body can be replaced if needed. For a number of years, this was usually done by use of human body parts. However, with rise of demand and technological advances this has changed in recent history. 

 Medical Industry

Today, replacement joints are commonly made using titanium or other high alloy materials. Only specialized companies are involved in this delicate and important process, and they use the most advanced CNC tools for their machines.

Need for Medical Diagnostic Tools

There has been a frequent, almost annual, changeover for the modelling and remodeling of the medical diagnostic tools in the recent past. This is due to the drastic improvements in the equipment and a frequent change in safety issues. All of this equipment is brought to life through the use of taps, end mills, drills and gages of different sizes.

The SuperTuf line from Regal Cutting Tools consists of center-cutting standard, high, and variable helix end mills including special-dimension end mills that meet all of the toughest requirements. In the medical industry, carbide end mills are the tool of choice. Regal provides these end mills in both multi-purpose and high performance configurations. Premium end mills are also very productive and cost-efficient when it comes to applications in deep contouring.

Carbide End Mills

Regal produces a complete line of end mills that are manufactured using ultra micro-grain carbide. This not only ensures hardness, but provides a long tool life.
Depending on the job’s requirements, you can choose the most suitable end mill from our list of high performance end mills:

These end mills are designed for most machine-oriented operations and come in a wide range of materials to accomplish the desired surface finish. The dimensions are precise to meet the needs of a cost-conscious metal-working customer. These carbide end mills meet expectations in productivity during plunging, contouring or slotting. They are uncoated and, if desired, can be custom-made with a radius or choice of coating in order to increase or enhance performance.

These end mills are the ideal solution for high production and difficult operations. The engineered geometries and advanced coatings ensure that the production is as cost-effective as possible. The styles of the tools are also designed with dimensions that suit a variety of purposes to enhance flexibility.

These end mills are designed specifically for machining aluminum and other non-ferrous materials. The special design that combines high helix and tightly controlled cylindrical margin offers rigidity at the cutting edge. Their construction ensures the benefit of high cutting accuracy and outstanding surface finish.

These end mills are designed for either wet or dry high speed milling applications in either tool or hardened steel. The unique flute design combined with the coating will achieve optimal roughing at high feed rates and heavy cutting loads. 


Regal Cutting Tools is proud to be part of the production of replacement joints so that people can regain their mobility. Click here for more information on Regal’s involvement and what products best suit the medical industry. Please contact us if you have any questions.