Regal Cutting Tools That Serve the Fluid Power Industry

Fluid Power

The fluid power industry includes just about everything that can be pumped through a pipe, hose, or line. The safe and effective transfer of oil and gas, to water and even medical applications, are just a few components that are transported through this fluid power infrastructure. Keeping the millions of miles of fluid power lines in this country flowing requires special tools that aren’t found in the average hardware store.

Pipe Taps

Wherever pipes or lines come together, threads are involved. These threads allow the fittings to screw together to create a tight, leak-free connection. The type of threads required depends on the materials that are being connected and the products that they will be carrying.

  • Taper Pipe Taps—Most often used in gas and water lines, tapered threads create a secure connection in high-pressure applications.
  • NPT Taper Pipe Tap - (American Standard Taper Pipe) The most common thread forms, which requires a sealing compound to be used as threads engage along the sidewalls of the mating threads. 
  • Dryseal Taper Pipe Threads NPTF - (American Standard Taper Pipe Fuel) are needed under higher pressure and where a sealer could contaminate the liquid or gas.  This thread requires close tolerance of both the external and internal threads, so when assembled the creast and root of the thread engages as well as the sidewalls of the threads eliminating leakage.  
  • Straight Pipe Taps—Used with connectors, O-rings, and fittings, straight threads are frequently used where connection length is a consideration.
  • Extension Pipe Taps—When extra length is required, such as tapping oil caps and set screws, these are the taps for the job.
  • Performance Taper Pipe Taps—Made for high production and chip removal in abrasive metals, performance taper pipe taps are specifically designed for stainless steel and aluminum applications.

High Performance Taps

New pipe and line materials create a need for new taps. Engineers are always working to create pipes that are tougher—which also makes them harder to machine. Production delays aren’t an option, so fluid power workers require tools that can handle these new materials.

Coated taps made from special alloy particle metal offer high performance in a variety of tough materials. They offer close tolerances and superior chip removal for enhanced thread quality.

Jobber Length Drills

Before any tapping can take place, holes need to be drilled. To make these holes, fluid power workers need drills that are fast, durable, and, above all, accurate.

  • Black Oxide Drills—These general purpose drills have a lubricated coating that provides fast drilling and extended drill life.
  • HSS with TiN—Coated with titanium nitride, these drills are ideal for high production settings. They offer greater lubricity and faster chip ejection for higher feed rates.


Once the holes are drilled and tapped, fluid power workers need a way to make sure that they are within tolerances. Go, No-Go gages allow for the quick and accurate measurement of tapped holes.

  • Pipe Thread Gages—These gages are used to ensure that mating threads conform to the specific standard for the required connection.

Always Flowing

Whether it’s new installations or repairs to existing systems, fluid power is in a constant state of production. Down time and delays cannot be afforded, so fluid power workers need tools that can keep up with the demands of the industry. At Regal, we have decades of experience in providing standard and customized tools for the fluid power industry. With our long-lasting tools and rapid delivery, the fluid power industry is able to keep the lines moving.

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