Regal Tools Aimed To Assist an Array of Power Generation Sectors

Every day, the demand for reliable, affordable electricity increases. In order to meet these power generation needs, a wide variety of industries must operate and expand continuously. Downtime and production delays aren’t an option. Keeping up with demand requires high-quality, long-lasting tools that are available when you need them and where you need them.
For over sixty years, Regal has provided the tools that keep the power generation industry running. From mining and drilling, to wind and solar, Regal has the tools to get the job done. Our metal cutting, drilling, and milling tools are used throughout the power generation industry. When a power supplier needs the best tools in the toughest locations, they count on Regal.

A Solution for Every Power Generation Industry

Power generation has changed a lot over the past decades. What hasn’t changed is Regal’s commitment to providing tools that outlast and outperform others. Our tools can be found in every sector of the power generation industry.


Mining has always been hard, dangerous work. To make this work safer and easier, we offer a number of quality cutting and drilling solutions.

  • Taps: Regal provides a wide selection of helical taps for creating threaded holes. These fast-cutting, long-lasting taps create a solid, dependable fastening surface for ceiling support bolts.
  • Drills: Whether it’s for equipment repair or blasting holes, a lot of drilling goes on in a mine. When miners need a reliable, high-speed drilling solution, Regal is there.
  • End Mills: Miners don’t have time to send out parts for repair. That’s why they have machine shops on site. To keep those machine shops running, Regal provides long lasting end mills designed to cut and shape a wide variety of materials.

Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industries are booming and drillers are going further and faster than ever before. This in turn puts a much greater demand on their equipment, and failure is not an option. Large diameter taps are one of the most common tools used in oil and gas exploration.

  • 8 Pitch Taps: These coarse-pitch taps are designed to quickly create threads in large diameter openings. Used for high pressure joints, these taps are ideal for platform construction and repairs.
  • 10 Pitch Taps: Used primarily to thread sucker rods at oil pumping stations, these taps can be used on any application that requires quick assembly and disassembly.
  • 12 Pitch Taps: Large-diameter 12 pitch taps are perfect for clearing existing threaded holes or creating new threads with high tolerances. These taps are used for emergency repairs across the power generation industry.

Solar and Wind

Wind and solar power generation has been gaining popularity for decades. Alternatively, renewable energy sources diversify the power grid, making it more robust. As technology has advanced over the years, these power sources have become much more practical and effective. These industries use Regal cutting tools for every step of their processes—from fabrication to installation.

  • End Mills: Accurate, high-production end mills are used for everything from machining solar panel mounts to producing generators for wind turbines.
  • Drills: Like any precision equipment, solar arrays and wind turbines require highly accurate holes for assembly. When the time comes for installation, drills are used to create mounting points for solar arrays and turbine towers.
  • Taps: Threaded holes are used for mounting towers to assembling solar panels. Without accurately threaded holes, assemblies would not be secure.

There When You Need Us

One thing that all of these industries have in common is they are all typically found off the beaten track. Whether it’s an oil field in North Dakota, or a wind farm in Appalachia, these places aren’t always easy to get in and out of. When a part breaks, you need the replacement in your hands as soon as possible.
At Regal, we use every means available to get the tools to you when you need them and take pride in delivering some of the fastest tool production and delivery services in the industry. Even our special taps can be shipped out within 24 hours or less.