twist drill

Should You Use a Standard Twist Drill or Something More Specialized?

Twist drills are readily available for a variety of applications. But - if you require precise holes or you are drilling hundreds of them, a specially designed drill is preferred. Learn more!

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supertuf tap

Why Are Material Grades and Condition Important When Tapping Stainless Steel?

Why it is critical to know the grade and condition of the material you are tapping? Learn more about machining grade characteristics, specifically as they relate to stainless steel.

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Are Coated Tools Worth the Added Cost?

Coating can add up to 20 to 50% to an uncoated tool's price. But are you getting 20 to 50% more? Read the article and see why coatings lead to longer tool life and faster production rates.

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Discover the Benefits of Using Carbide Taps from Regal

Carbide taps offer several advantages over those made from high speed steel. Learn more about the benefits of using a carbide tap and get a further look at our tap offerings!

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Save Time and Money with Unipass Drill N Taps

Unipass Drill 'N' taps offer fast and simple operation. The tool can, not only drill a hole, but also tap threads in a single pass. Learn more about this tool's fast & simple operation.

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