form taps

Why You Should Be Using Forming Taps

Form taps are ideal for tapping blind holes but can be used for any tapping application in ductile material. Learn more about the benefits of using forming taps.

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TiN coated hand taps

Save on Coated Taps and Extend Tool Life and Efficiency

This summer, Regal is offering free coatings on many of its popular TiN and AlTin hand taps for improved performance on aluminum and stainless steel. Discover the advantages coated taps can bring to your shop.

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regal robotics team

Regal Cutting Tools Supports Local Robotics Team

Regal Cutting Tools has partnered to sponsor a local high school robotics team made up consisting of tomorrow’s business leaders by using problem solving and analytical skills in a professional team building environment.  Learn more.

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regal roscoe building

Regal Cutting Tools Celebrates Independence Day

Regal Cutting Tools looks forward to celebrating the 4th of July. We would like to wish our employees and our customers a safe, happy Fourth of July weekend.

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Regal Cutting Tools Support Local Robotics Team

Regal continues to commit to helping students prepare for the workforce by participating in the Workplace Readiness Program. We care commited to helping high school students prepare to evolve for an ever-changing workplace.  Learn more.

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