Coolant Feeding Taps and Drills

The performance of taps and drills can be significantly improved by forcing coolant under pressure at the cutting faces of the tool.
Some of the major benefits of coolant flow include:

  • Dramatically improves chip removal
  • Assures longer tool life
  • Provides better surface finishes
  • Reduces manufacturing minutes required for production

Adding Coolant Feeding Holes

All of Regal Cutting Tools SuperTuf high performance taps for difficult materials, stainless steels, titanium, nickel and aluminum can have coolant feeding holes added. The holes can quickly be added to either standard or special application taps in less than a week. We recommend radial cross holes in both spiral point and spiral flute designed to induce heavy flow at the cutting edges. In spiral fluted taps, the advantage of coolant at the cutting edge combined with volume and pressure is more effective than through-hole pressure. In spiral point styles the chips are kept cool during the cutting action and forced away from work entanglements.

Drilling Applications

Two  flute carbide drills are standard with coolant through designs in 3 times, 5 times, and 10 times, the diameter drilled.  In every case the coolant pressure combined with specific point geometries will increase productivity in all drilling applications.  Our drills feature specifications in detailed point geometry as well as flute configurations to breakup chips and allow for easy egress of the drilled chips.

Coolant feeding holes can be strategically located in the flutes of any of our high speed steel or cobalt end mills. However, this is less popular because of the orientation of milling. 

The chart below provides general information relative to the gallons per minute (GPM) and coolant pressure (PSI) required for appropriate machining with coolant feeding tools. Numerous companies can supply adaptors and holders to affix to current machines for cost effective, improved machining operations.

Required pressure and volume for coolant fed carbide drills

Questions about coolant feeding tools? Contact Regal Cutting Tools for more information.