SuperTuf Particle Metal Cutting Tools

SuperTuf Particle Metal Tools

True Advancement in Particle Metal

Our research and development organization has spent years refining normal grades of particle metal to produce the optimum combination of hardness and strength to withstand pressures on the cutting edges associated with tapping and milling.  The result? SUPTERTUF!

  • Although one grade was not found suitable for all applications, a series of materials are incorporated in our material specific high performance taps.
  • High content of Vanadium or Cobalt in particle metal is now identified as HSSE worldwide.  We use these general designations although our content of compositions are held to closer than steel makers standards.
  • Hardness, abrasion resistance and heat absorption are determining factors in our selection of steel to cut thread or drill various materials.
  • Our proprietary PMX ultra fine grain micro particle steel has been developed for the toughest cutting and threading applications.

Regal's SuperTuf Offerings

Both SuperTuf Taps and SuperTuf End Mills withstand heat and maintain sharp cuttings edges more efficiently than other high speed steels. Material specific taps and variable helix end mills address the most difficult machining  applications.