Cobalt Steel Cutting Tools

What Makes Cobalt Different from HSS?

Regal Cobalt Tools

Cobalt steel is a variation of high speed steel with a higher content of cobalt. Common grades are M-35 and M-42, having 5% and 8% respectively.
These steels are ideal for cutting tools because they have a high red hardness that gives it much higher heat resistance.  This allows tools made of cobalt to be run at faster speeds and higher feed rates.

A bit of Cobalt History

A series of improvements of molybdenum steel have been made over the years. M7 (used primarily for HSS drill bits), and M35 and M42 (containing higher levels of cobalt), provide superior red hardness to withstand heat and abrasion in production environments. M42 has become a featured material in machining space age materials in portable operations.

Regal's Cobalt Offerings: Great for Tough to Machine Materials

Cobalt Cutting Tools  are used extensively in the aerospace industry and in fluid power operations.  In general, tools made from these materials are  identified with tough to machine materials.