Surface Treatments and Coatings

Regal Cutting Tools offers many surface treatment and coatings which provide higher surface hardness to resist wear and make your tools resistant to galling or chip loading.

A variety of coating and treatment enhance the  life or cutting characteristics of our Taps, Drills and End Mills. The material being machined and the other conditions of speed rigidity and coolant determine which coating or treatment  would be most advantageous.

NNitrideBlack Finish
OOxideBlack Finish
NONitride and OxideBlack Finish
TiNTitanium NitrideGold Finish
TiCNTitanium Carbo NitrideBlue-Gray Finish
AlTiNAluminum Titanium NitrideBlue-Gray Finish
AlCrNAluminum Chromium NitrideBright Gray Finish
TiAlN+WC/CTitanium Aluminum Nitride & Tungsten CarbideDark Gray Finish
9-C:HTriton (Balzers)Black Finish
ZrNZirconium NitrideLight Gold Finish
CrNChromium NitrideSilver Gray Finish