Solid Carbide Cutting Tools

Carbide Drills

Solid Carbide Cutting Tool Application & Products

Solid carbide cutting tools made from ultra micro-grain carbide will produce quality threads in cast iron, sintered materials, aluminum and some steels. The unique characteristics of the newer ultra fine grain materials will support cutting action in carbide taps at high rates with extremely good wear resistance. Coatings to insure smooth finish enhance the quality of the thread produced and improve the heat resistance insuring long tool life.

Regal's Solid Carbide Cutting Tool Offerings

  • End Mills: The primary use of carbide is in end mills for removing material in complex parts  made from hard metals. Smooth finishes can be achieved and long life is expected.
  • Taps: Cutting tools made from carbide are very cost effective when threading very abrasive materials.
  • Drills: Carbide twist drills, particularly those with coolant holes through the tool are used in high production drilling.