Why Do We Carry Two Distinct Brands of Twist Drills?

National Twist Drill began operations in Detroit making twist drills and reamers in 1903. The close association with auto and related industries provided opportunities to grow and expand to other cutting tools, buying Winter Brothers tap company in 1929. During the Second World War, the concentration on machining tough large forgings provided new growth in a distinct market segment.

ny twist drill

New York Twist Drill began manufacturing in the early 1940’s, specializing in uniquely designed drills for the aircraft companies Fairchild and Republic located on Long Island. Their reputation for quality special drills allowed expansion to supplying to Pratt & Whitney and Kaman in New England.

Eventually they became a full line supplier of twist drills to industry but continued to feature drills made to NAS specifications. John Bath Tap Company was a later acquisition.

In 1985-86, Regal Beloit Corporation purchased both companies and immediately recognized the differences of these similar operations in design, manufacturing and market presence. Twist drill manufacturing continued in multiple plants to serve different customers in separate marketing channels.

Tools designed for aircraft and aerospace applications such as step core drills, drivematic drills, aircraft extension drills and all N.A.S. specified twist drills are made to processes established by New York personnel and continue today to be used by all the major aircraft manufacturing companies.

national twist drill

National Twist provided a broad array of rotary cutting tools to a nationwide arrangement of industrial distributors. Featuring basic drills for general purpose applications and still tied closely to automotive applications, the range of twist drills continues to meet the needs of a broad market.

Because of these distinct market driven differences, we continue to feature the design and application differences between these two traditional brand names. Learn more about our full line of twist drills.