Hand Tap 101: The Background Behind Regal’s Most Popular Product

hand taps

The hand tap style is the most popular one that Regal Cutting Tools carries. But some clarification is probably needed since very few holes are tapped by hand these days. Yes, there are occasions when rotating a tap by hand with a holder is practical, particularly when repair requires access that is not conducive to access with a machine. But when consistent threading of parts for assembly began, most of the taps where used manually and the common term “hand tap” was used to identify the tool to be used.

How Other Taps Get Their Names

Other common terms that are used to identify the style of tap being used, such as spiral point or spiral flute, allow us to identify performance characteristics of the tools function.  The term Pipe Tap indicates the thread specifications will be different from common straight threads.  The terms Popular Special tap or Custom Tap apply to any style but in practical use today the great majority are designed to meet the configuration we commonly refer to as “Hand Taps”.

Making Hand Taps for Specific Uses

What we identify as a hand tap in today’s applications are straight flute taps, usually with four or more cutting edges and flutes that produce threads in a part. Machinists normally consider these as a general-purpose design that will perform well in a broad array of materials and depths.  As a manufacturer of taps used for a variety of applications, we provide for the purpose of their use, including:

  • Very small and exacting sizes
  • Large and difficult threading
  • High production
  • Materials that are difficult to machine

Since the hand tap style is the most popular, Regal Cutting Tools has worked hard to configure the components of these general-purpose tools to perform to or exceed expectations. The combination of flute space, cutting hook design, clearances, and thread relief all are considered in providing outstanding taps to meet the wide range of applications these taps will be used for. Then we add one more important finishing touch by applying our special Micro-Finish Edge preparation to remove microchips how and smooth the cutting edge for longer life. Contact us to learn more about our hand taps.