SuperTuf-V High Performance End Mills Produce Heavy Cuts That Carbide Can’t Match

supertuf v

Regal Cutting Tools developed micro-particle end mill material to compete with carbide end mills that cannot absorb the vibration. SuperTuf-V end mills perform extremely well in conditions where the requirements of customers machining centers are no longer as vibration free as they were when they were new. These end mills in standard lengths and extended reach are designed with contoured flute shapes and cutting face designs to absorb the stress of vibration and resist the heat generated by heavy cuts.
Our challenge was to overcome the vibration cracks occurring in solid carbide end mills when running in titanium and nickel alloys and stainless steels. The configuration of a variable helix design to ensure superior finish and the heat resisting attributes of micro-particle premium tool steel have provided a cost-effective value compared to carbide end mills.
At 80% of the speed and double the feed rate, we produced more inches cut in the same amount of time. Regal’s SuperTuf-V end mills sell for about half the comparable carbide end mill. When the next milling job is scheduled consider using our standard or extended length variable helix tools. They will save money both in the cost of the tools and in the machining time. Remember, SuperTuf-v geometry minimizes deflection and reduces vibration in longer cuts. Plus, the variable helix ensures superior finish and high removal rates.
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