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24 hour shipment of special taps was unheard of back in 1955. The service is still unique, but fairly common today. By keeping an inventory of every imaginable tap blank, and instilling an urgency in every employee, by emphasizing that customers are depending on them, the ability to create special taps in 24 hours is more important than ever. Regal Cutting Tools was the first to revolutionize the 24 hour shipment of special taps and continues to improve the process to this present day. Processes have changed over the years, but the results are the same. Customers depend on Regal… the first and the best in 24 hour special taps.

 Regal revolutionized End Mills, and some of our achievements may surprise you:

  • In the late seventies, Regal consolidated three acquisitions into a new manufacturing facility in Mitchell Indiana to make End Mills.
  • Regal optimized CNC Huffman grinders to produce a line of end mills for the aircraft and aerospace industry.
  • Eighteen new machines went into production of HSS, cobalt and particle metal end mills.
  • Regal is the One to first use of a compliment of CNC machines to produce end mills. The One to apply particle metal Rex Series steels to these products as well.

Types of specific taps

Regal can ship special high performance taps, made in America, in 10 days or less. We are also the fastest in delivering application specific and special threads in the industry.

Regal uses both particle cobalt and particle tungsten based materials with CAD assisted designs to ensure the best possible performance of our material specific taps. We use a variety of ultra-fine grain Carbide and carbo-clad material to engineer our specific taps.

Our customer service, technical support, and 24 hour shipment of custom taps will not only meet your high demands, but exceed them. Call us at 844-535-7284 with any questions or concerns on our special taps and request a custom special tap request a custom special tap today.