Renewed Manufacturing Efficiencies

The process for producing the flutes in large diameter taps has been milling with arbor style cutters. In recent years, some companies have changed to grinding flutes using large, heavy, and expensive machines. This is great for production runs as setup time is extensive, so volume production of a size is cost effective.

Here at Regal, we faced the dilemma of shorter production runs and a library of special cutters for specific customers.  Our flute milling is done on a bank of Bohle Flutemaster machines and we wanted to maintain the flexibility necessary for multiple setups and efficient production.

The team was assigned to the project of “Improving production of Blanks”. After much research and comparison they decided to work with All World Machinery to redesign an existing three spindle machine.  The goal of a 25% improvement in production has been achieved with the expectation of even greater results when refinements are complete.

A completely new user friendly control system, improved hydraulics, and more accurate feed travel have all contributed to a successful retrofit of an existing method.

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