Specialty Taps: Where These Unique Tools Come in Handy

Regal offers a wide array of specialty taps that can be hard to find from other metal cutting tool manufacturers. Each specialty tool is unique and is used for a specific task or application in mind. The following is a run-down of the many different types of specialty taps available at Regal and how each can serve useful for your metal cutting tool needs.

National Special Pitch Taps

The taps with NS or, National Special pitch are specialty hand taps that we manufacture right in our Roscoe, Illinois facility. These taps have custom threads that are manufactured to your exact specifications from blanks. NS has become a lesser used standard over the years but Regal still proudly manufactures these specialty  taps in sizes Machine screw #00 through 6”.


ACME taps or ACME thread taps feature a 29 degree thread angle and a thread height is one half of the pitch. The design is common in lead screws and other load bearing applications as the tool needs to be able to endure a high level of wear. This design makes it easier to machine than square threads though they are usually not as efficient with the increased friction due to the thread angle.

These taps are great for producing traversing motions on machine tools. They are the tool of choice for manufacturing valves, jackets and other mechanisms.

Nut Taps

Nut taps are a specific type of extension tap that feature a long chamfer which assists in entering a small or narrowly drilled hole that standard taps cannot reach. This design makes starting the tapping operation easy for alignment and cutting ease. The shanks are made smaller than the minor diameter of the thread to improve the chip removal. They also allow the nut to be threaded without having to reverse.

These taps are ideal for deep hole tapping or rethreading rusty or torn threads.

Double Lead Taps

A thread lead is the distance a tap thread advances axially with one revolution. As indicated by the name, double lead taps travel twice the distance compared to a single lead tap. With double lead taps the lead is twice the pitch as in single lead the lead and pitch are identical. This allows for quicker assembly as fewer rotations are needed to achieve the same outcome. These tools are commonly used in production and repair applications.

Whitworth Taps

The Whitworth thread was the world's first national screw thread standard and is still used to this day in some industries. This thread type was created by the British and was the first time standards for consistent dimensions were ever used.

The Whitworth taps usd a triangular thread design where each angle features a 55 degree angle at each peak and valley. Straight flute hand taps are most common with Whitworth taps but Regal has the ability to custom design and manufacture these historical taps to meet your needs.

Taps for Cast Iron

Most regular taps cannot withstand tapping cast iron as it is an extremely abrasive material. These taps for cast iron are designed with a rake angle and 2 ½ thread chamfer which allows for a smooth tap even on such a rigid surface. These taps are also treated with a Nitride/oxide surface coating which helps extend the tool life of this tool. These are ideal for cast iron and can be used on other ductile materials.

Specialty Taps for All Your Specific Needs

No matter if you are looking for a hard to find tap specific to your application or one that is not as regularly used anymore Regal has you covered. As with most of our taps these specialty taps can be manufactured to fit your exact specifications and can be delivered promptly so you can continue on with the task at hand. Feel free to contact us with any further questions you have about our specialty taps or any of our other products.