Save on Coated Taps and Extend Tool Life and Efficiency

Despite advances over the last 45 years, the first cutting-tool coating remains the most widely machine milling and tapping applications. Introduced to machine shops in the 1970s, titanium nitride (TiN) coatings continue to extend tool life and performance. Even so, new alloys – especially those incorporating aluminum into titanium and nitrogen compounds have been perfected to meet the needs of today’s metal fabrication shops. Regal Cutting Tools has combined TiN and aluminum titanium nitride (AlTiN) coatings with high-speed steel substrates containing tungsten, vanadium, molybdenum, or cobalt to create an extensive line of tools with exceptional hardness, heat resistance, longevity, and other qualities that improve tool life and productivity.

To help our customers reap the benefits of this technology, Regal is offering a summer special with many of its most popular coated taps on sale for the same price as the uncoated versions –a savings of 25 percent:

TiN-Coated Hand Taps

Titanium nitride coatings on Regal’s machine screw- fractional, and metric-sized hand taps give them the hardness they need to efficiently thread aluminum and stainless and alloy steel. The gold-colored coating also adds lubricity to combat welding and decreases friction to foster heat transfer by keeping built up edges to a minimum. The TiN coating allows the taps to be used at faster speeds, boosting their lifespan while giving them a polished cutting edge that results in smoother finish to the work piece. A wide range of sizes is available with taper, plug or bottom chamfer.

AlTiN-Coated Spiral Point Taps

The addition of aluminum to the coating creates a thin aluminum oxide patina that is extremely resistant to the

spiral point tap

heat created when tapping through holes in abrasive work pieces. This additional ability to withstand extreme heat means Regal’s spiral point taps can be used without coolant, and their super-sleek cutting surfaces make them ideal for tapping materials such as nickel, titanium, and copper alloys that are prone to adhering to tools, causing excessive wear. Used both in machine and hand-tapping applications, our AlTiN spiral point taps fit American standard holders and delivery consistently flawless threads over the extended life of the product. 


Stock Up and Save

TiN- and AlTiN-coated hand taps deliver up to 50 percent greater production efficiency while extending tool life by 25 to 40 percent compared to uncoated tools. Regal’s taps top others’ in quality and performance, as we precision grind our tools and finish our products’ cutting edges with our exclusive Micro-Finish edge preparation before and after coating to eliminate burrs and micro-fissures.
To take advantage of the benefits of TiN- and AlTiN coated taps at a special summer price, contact your local distributor and mention Regal’s Red Hot Summer Promotion. With a variety of chamfer configurations, sizes, and flute styles to facilitate chip removal, hundreds of combinations are possible. Your distributor can help you choose the products that are right for your applications.