The Rockstars of Regal Customer Service

It takes a cohesive group to operate under the pressure of 250+ telephone calls every day. But the women that make up Regal's customer service team make it look easy, and can still find time at the end of a busy workday to celebrate a birthday with a party that brings the team together.
Accuracy and speed are really important when providing price information for special tools or processing orders for the same day shipment. That's why this team of ladies prize communication above all else.  It comes easily to them, and is a critical part of the everyday process of meeting customer needs.
Here's a good example: say a customer has a huge piece of equipment down in the field, and manufacturing has screeched to a halt.  They order special taps via our 24-hour special taps program to complete the repair, and plan to send a courier to pick up the tools as soon as they're done.
Our customer service reps spring into action, communicating with engineering and manufacturing to make sure the taps are done correctly and on time.  Then they notify shipping of the urgency so the package is ready to go for the courier. They follow the order from placement to completion to make sure the customer's equipment gets back up and running so production can continue.
If a member of the team has a multi-item quote that has to get out, there’s always volunteers to help ensure timely completion. Interaction is not only essential in this fast paced environment, but when the group depends on one another, it comes as second nature.  When it comes as second nature, the customer benefits.

Here's a photo of the ladies who rock it for Regal customer service every day.  Pictured from left to right are:

  • Row 1. Lena, Christine
  • Row 2. Kathy, Mary
  • Row 3. Sandy, Terri
  • Row 4. Chris. 

Who have you worked with in the past?  If you want to give one of them recognition for a time they helped you out of a jam, email