Regal Tools Safe & Secure when Vending

Cutting Tool Vending

Machining Centers have found a cost effective way of supplying required tool24/7 by using sophisticated tool dispensing machinery in the work cell.  Having tool access in close proximity to the machinery provides numerous benefits and eliminates costs. 
To support this supply chain model, Regal Cutting Tools had the responsibility to develop tool packaging that would properly protect the tools during the process of dispensing from the storage rack to the user retrieval area. The packaging was designed to withstand the impact of hitting the dispensing area in a wide variety of different machines.  We have universally implemented the approved design used for vending packaging systems across all tool lines, never knowing what tools will be used in a tool dispensing system.  Our Distributors can rest assured that their tool will arrive safely from our manufacturing plant to the spindle and that’s our commitment to you.