Regal Cutting Tools Introduces SuperTuf MF-DA Metflo Forming Taps for Exceptional Performance

Buy one Tap, Get one Free! 

To launch this new product we are offering customers free taps to demonstrate the superior performance they can expect.

Buy one get one free, buy two get two free, buy three or more and get 3 free!

Both bright taps and TiCN coated for extra life are included. Limit 3 free per part number ordered.

SuperTuf MF-DA MetFlo taps are made from particle metal and demonstrate extreme toughness and resistance to overheating. Offered in DIN overall length, they are 15-25% longer than standard dimensions and have a reduced neck behind the thread, providing tapping depths longer than the thread length.

If you are not already using forming taps for ductile material, including some steels and stainless, here is an opportunity to examine the advantages.

We can provide the right drill size and recommend tapping speed for the material, typically much faster than cutting taps.

Regal offers these taps in sizes #4 to ¾” and M4 to M16 either bright or TiCN coated as stock items.  Other coatings and treatments are available.

Contact your favorite distributor to take advantage of this special offer between February 6th and March 31st

For more information about these new taps, download our new 2017 SuperTuf Tap Brochure.