Navigate the Complexities of Thread Design Options With Regals Experienced Staff

Let’s face it. There are a ton of options when it comes to thread forms. When you’re faced with options from Acme Buttress to Unified Fine and National Gas Outlet to British Standard Whitworth, it can become overwhelming (and that is certainly not a complete list of the thread options!)

thread tap

Unified Coarse Thread (UNC) and Unified Fine Thread (UNF), although the most common, do not cover the options Regal Cutting Tools addresses every day. Tapping is difficult enough without the additional complexity of understanding the specifications of all those various thread designs. Regal wants to make it easier for you. You can rely on our engineers and customer service personnel to assist you in understanding the various thread forms and recommending the best possible tap for efficient and accurate threading.

For years our skilled staff has assisted both distributors and end users in applications that range from the  repair of large power generator, tiny tapped holes in electronic parts, valves and fittings in exotic materials and high-volume screw machine parts.  For us to make a recommendation for the best possible design and tool application, the following details are typically required:

  • Thread specifications
  • Material being used
  • Machine and part configuration

Choose Regal for Your Tap Needs

Whether the material is steel, aluminum, Hastaloy, or anything else - we’ve tapped it before.  If the thread is coarse or fine, long or short - we have the experience.  The critical components of tap design revolves around the cutting face and relief angles. The material the tap is made from will have a lot to do with tool life. Coatings and surface treatments assist in part thread quality. Using both CAD systems and our TESS we will design the best tap for your application. Put our tools to the test .