More Economic Nut Tapping: Find Out How

The solution to economic nut tapping is determined by a variety of factors.
It starts by considering what type of nut you’re working with.


High Volume Standard Nuts
These nuts can be used for a wide variety of applications. They are normally made from   material that is easily machined, and run on highly efficient economically production machines.

Special Purpose Nuts economically
At the other end of the spectrum are nuts required for a specialized purpose.  These are often made from difficult to machine materials such as Titanium or Nickel alloys, and run on conventional equipment.

In the first case, thousands of tapped holes are expected from one tap. In the latter, a dozen parts may be the norm.

Choosing the Right Tap
Depending on what type of nut you are working with, you can choose the tap that best meets your needs.

Nib-style taps are best for the special purpose high volume machines, like Nutap or Sakai.  They are designed specifically for thematerial being tapped, right down to the composition of the material and heat treated condition.

Flute shapes, chamfer lengths relief of the cutting edges and coatings are all critical for:

  • long life
  • meeting the required tolerance
  • maximum productivity
  • providing the most cost effective tool for the application.

Regal meets these needs by constantly refining the design of taps required for lower volume parts.  We frequently run trials here in our development department. Multiple grades of Titanium or Nickel require various designs, and in some cases distinctly different tool steel.

Regal’s SuperTuf is most versatile in that it provides the best material, design and coating regardless of what the measure of success may be.

No matter what your application or nut type using the proper tap can making tapping easier and cheaper. Contact us today and let us fit you with the perfect tap.