Keep Your Regal Twist Drill In Peak Condition for Longer Than Ever Before

National brand Twist drills from Regal Cutting Tools are the most efficient method of putting holes in steel, aluminum, copper, and other non-ferrous metals and alloys. They are durable and hard-working, but heat, friction, vibration, chip congestion, and other factors begin wearing away at the tools’ productivity and efficiency beginning with the first use.

With so many options available – materials, lengths, clearances, point geometries, surface treatments, etc. – there’s a combination ideal for any metal-drilling operation. Choosing the right drill and using it properly will keep production humming along while lowering operating costs and keeping quality high. Adhering to the following guidelines will keep your National brand twist drills at the peak of operation and extend tool life to the maximum.

Feeds and Speeds

twist drill

Refer to Regal’s Feeds and Speeds charts to determine the proper rates for your twist drill application based on the work piece material, tool diameter, rigidity of the setup, and other variables. The correct feed rate will be fast enough to promote chip breakage for easier evacuation and slow enough to prevent chatter and premature tool wear. Generally speaking, harder work pieces require slower speeds to eliminate the possibility of overheating the drill and dulling the cutting edges. Still, speed should be sufficient to keep the tool from chipping or breaking.

Materials, Engineering and Metallurgy

Technology has made twist drills more specialized while increasing their usefulness. Depending on your application, specialized points, bit construction, surface treatments, and more can improve the quality of your drilled holes while keeping drill replacement costs at a minimum. Here are three technical advances to consider:

  • Split points These drills ensure precise placement of holes in harder, stainless steel and alloyed work pieces and curvilinear surfaces on which conventional points tend to “walk.”
  • Cobalt Adding cobalt to the bits’ steel alloys, increases their hardness and ability to withstand the extreme heat associated with drilling hard materials at higher speeds.
  •  Black oxide Black oxide coatings give drills a layer of lubrication that helps reduce friction between the bit and the work piece, preventing chip welding and heat-related other problems.

Lengths, Shanks and Flutes

Almost always, it is best to use the shortest bit possible while achieving the drill depth required. This will afford the twist drill operator the greatest possible control over hole diameter and location. Shorter drills are more rigid, and therefore more precise. Often, however, deeper holes – and therefore longer bits – are required. Regal carries an extensive line of twist drills suited for any application. Here are some examples:

  • Jobber Length Drills Available in fractional and metric sizes, Regal’s NATIONAL brand straight-shank jobber twist drills come in titanium nitride-coated, treated, and bright finishes and can be fitted with split points, para-flutes, and/or high helixes to most common drilling procedures.
  • Taper Shank Drills When deeper holes are called for, National answers with innovative flute and helix engineering in our extensive line of taper shank twist drills. Their design allows for improved chip evacuation, reducing heat and the possibility of built-up edges.
  • Aircraft Twist Drills Built for heavy-duty drilling in both portable and fixed settings demanded by the aviation industry, Regal’s National Aerospace Standard 907-compliant jobber, screw machine, and extension aircraft twist drills keep airline maintenance facilities, and engine, airframe, and assembly plants flying along. Our Super Tuf line of particle metal bits drills holes around carbide competitors in terms of resiliency and toughness. 
  • Cobalt Twist Drills Long production runs, high-temperature applications, and abrasive workpieces benefit from the extra hardness Regal’s cobalt twist drills bring to the job. Our premium cobalt steel ensures longer tool life and lower cost per hole drilled.

Regal applies its exacting geometries, knowledge of tool materials, engineering, and coatings to all our twist drills. Precision designed special drills meets the requirements of the most complex applications. With Regal Cutting Tools as your twist drill headquarters, you will have the products and information you need to get the job done. Contact us today.