Discover the Benefits of Using Carbide Taps from Regal

Carbide taps offer several advantages over those made from high speed steel. In most cases, the same advantages are found when comparing carbide versus high performance particle metal taps. Two areas where carbide or carbide tipped taps should be considered are high production applications in non-ferrous and medium and low carbon steels. High RPM’s and a rigid setup is essential to good performance. The second is Nickel and other alloys with a high hardness, making the use of Steel taps impractical (HRC 40+).

All of our carbide taps are constructed with a high cobalt matrix expanding the use of carbide taps to include materials requiring a shear action including steels, titanium and other tough materials. Regal’s line of solid carbide and Carbo-Clad (tipped) taps are available in hand and spiral point styles. Carbo-Clad taper pipe taps from 1/8” to 1” delivers superior performance, long tool life making quick work of long production runs.

Long run tapping applications require high-speed, friction resistance and heat resistance.  Regal’s ultra-fine grain carbide taps, coupled with geometry developed with years of application experience, can perform at elevated levels associated without significant wear.
Our most popular carbide taps are constructed with a high-cobalt matrix that creates the high-shear cutting edges required to meet the tapping requirements of even the hardest materials:

carbide tap

  • Spiral-point Taps – #2 to 3/8”: Also known as “gun taps” because they push chips forward to prevent their interference with the cutting action, Regal’scarbide spiral-point taps are best for highly abrasive applications such as cast iron.
  • Hand Taps – #2 to 3/8”: Regal’s long-lived carbide hand taps eliminate the need for frequent tool changes, making them the economical choice for long production runs. They are most efficient on hard workpieces such as titanium alloys and stainless steel.
  • Carbo-clad carbide-tipped taps – 7/16 to 1 ½”: Combining the shear capacity of carbide cutting strips with the vibration control of a stainless steel shank, Regal’s carbo-clad carbide tipped taps also cost less than solid carbide taps.
  • Carbide pipe taps -1/8 to 1”: With carbide cutting strips brazed to HSS shanks, Regal’s carbide pipe taps cut precise threads in most non-ferrous pipe materials, including bronze and brass.

Regal relies on seasoned engineers, meticulous design, and computer-precise manufacturing processes to build carbide taps to accomplish your most demanding applications. Contact our customer service professionals for guidance on selecting the right tap for your job and to obtain pricing and shipping information.