Current Customers: “Your Best Growth Opportunity”

If you are a manufacturer or distributor, the first place to look for sales growth is all of your existing accounts. Don’t take them for granted. They all require periodic maintenance. The best way to do this is a formal schedule, not when you get around to it. Use a calendar, and revise it based on priorities.   


Be alert to the warning signals of customer dissatisfaction such as: a decrease in volume, frequency of complaints, and a less cordial atmosphere during face to face or telephone contact.
When you sense an account is unraveling, conduct an immediate and thorough investigation as to why. Look for shipping errors, late delivery, less than adequate technical support or personality issues. Determine what needs to be corrected, and take action to fix specific problems.
A periodic review of your customers’ needs, new products or expansion can be a valuable tool to discuss their industry, competitors, strengths, and weaknesses. You can provide an overview of your company, find out where you can improve or expand your business, and let them know what your personal goals are for them.

It is not merely enough to service your accounts, you must continue to look for new business within them. Consider using a tooling survey to improve productivity and ensure your customers have the best possible experience working with you. 
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