A Corner Radius = Longer Tool Life

Carbide End Mill

We all want optimum tool life when it comes to machining both common and exotic materials. Choosing an end mill with a chamfer or radius will reduce the wear on the corner of the tool to increase the life of the tool.

Chamfer and Radius

A chamfer will create a cutting action that assists in breaking chips in most materials.  This contributes to smother cuts, allowing for heavier feed rates and more efficient production.

A radius blended into each flute when the tool is manufactured is most recommended because the cutting action is smooth.  This ensures constant cutting and chip removal. Life of the tool is increased because there is no sharp corner to absorb excessive heat.

Get a Factory-Ground Radius

When available, a tool with a radius ground from the factory is recommended over taking a square cutting tool and replacing the end grind with radius ground via a tool and cutter grinder.

Blending the two grinding operations often leaves a slight flat or imperfect junction of the radius, which affects the cutting action and possibly leaves a line on the part produced. 

If the tool is coated, grinding the finished tool will also remove the coating.

See Regal’s Carbide End Mills for a variety of styles offering a radius from the factory. The coating (offering added tool life) will be applied after the manufacturing process is complete.