Cobalt-V is Winner Milling Aluminum

Regal Cutting Tool’s unique variable helix combined with cobalt particle metal ensures superior finish at high material removal rates. Designed to minimize deflection in heavy cuts, and at the same time allow plenty of chip removal space, the Cobalt-V 3 flute end mills reduce vibration which extends tool life.  These variable helix mills can be used for high removal rates in all non-ferrous materials. These wear resistant tools can be run at high feed rates using less spindle torque, which increases production.

Why use Cobalt-V if a comparable carbide tool is available?

Answer: Use the carbide tool if the spindle is extremely rigid, the fixture is firm, and speed recommended for material is within the range available on the machine. The best testimonial for using the Cobalt-V end mill is to measure the productivity of each and compare the cost per part or inches cut. The cost of the new tool, the feed rate achieved and the elimination of cutting edge micro-chipping can demonstrate the advantages of choosing Cobalt-V end mills for non-ferrous applications.

The purpose in variation of helix, random to each flute, produces a cutting action which breaks chips ensuring ease of removal in heavy stock removal applications. A byproduct of this cutting action is the reduction of harmonics which causes premature wear of the cutting edges. Consistent land width stabilizes the end mill producing smooth finish on the material being milled.
The lengths of cut offered in each diameter give you the flexibility to choose the best Cobalt-V end mill for your specific job.

We can apply various coatings to these end mills and recommend TiCN, Zirconiun and the new Balinit® Hard Chrome for long running production.
Sizes range from 1/2” by 1 ¼” LOC to 1 ½” by 6” length of cut.

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