Bog Off Festival Draws Thousands

Regals Chicken Bog South Carolina

For the last 36 years the South Carolina town of Loris, just west of Myrtle Beach, hosts “The Great Loris Bog-Off”.  Farlen Lewis, plant manager at Regal Cutting Tools says, “This started as a Chicken Bog cooking competition but has grown to be a great weeklong festival drawing 40,000 people.” He added, “On Saturday there’s a lot of entertainment ending with a concert and fireworks.”

chicken bog food regal sponsor
Many Regal employees volunteer their time and most attend various events with their families. The highlight continues to be the Chicken Bog cooking contest for amateurs only.

Regal Cutting Tools is a sponsor of events and this year provided a Dining Tent, ensuring people had a comfortable place to enjoy samples of the various competitors bog.

regal sponsors chicken bog winners

 Recipes are guarded family secrets but some previous winners have shared a few of their secrets.  “Cook it slow and low,” says one, while another notes “Always use a cast iron pot.” The one secret ingredient that was truly a surprise was Polish Kielbasa combined with locally grown rice. Congratulations to all the winning cooks!




Chicken Bog Recipe


  1. Slice the sausage into 1/2 inch pieces.
  2. In stockpot combine chicken, sausage, onion, butter, seasonings and bay leaves.
  3. Add the water, boil, cover and cook at low boil 40 minutes.
  4. Remove the chicken from the pot and let cool.
  5. Debone chicken, discard the bones and skin.
  6. Add the rice to the pot and bring to boil, stirring well. boil 10 minutes, reduce heat,
  7. Cover pot and simmer 10 minutes until rice is done.
  8. Remove bay leaves
  9. Return chicken to the pot.