5 Options to Avoid Unwanted Wear by Choosing the Right Carbide Roughing End Mill

Regal Carbide Roughing End Mills come in a variety of styles for various material and machine conditions. With so many options to choose from, it can get confusing on which carbide roughing end mill is best for your job. Choosing the right tool can maximize production and help avoid unwanted wear on your tools.

Find the Right Carbide Roughing End Mill for Your Application

  1. Non-Ferrous Materials, Minimize Deflection: Low Helix (20°) Carbide End Mills. This roughing end mill is for non-ferrous materials where deflection could be an issue. It comes in three, four, and five flute.
    • Three flute roughers are designed with wide flutes and a high shear angle for aluminum and similar materials, where the volume of chip produced can clog the end mill if evacuation of chips is not effective.
    • Four and five flute carbide roughing tools can be used in steel and generally have a higher helix (45°) for effective cutting geometry and strength through the core of the tool to minimize deflection.


  1. High Volume Material Removal for Hardened Steel: Coarse Pitch Roughing End Mills. These roughers are for high volume removal of material when finishing tools will be used to provide the specified surface finish. Depending on the diameter, Regal offers three, four and five flute coarse pitch roughers with a 20° helix. These end mills are designed for high velocity milling of hardened steel. An AlTiN coating extends tool life by resisting heat generated by the high surface speed.


  1. Do the Job and Finish in One Step: Fine Pitch Roughing End Mills. The end mills provide a relatively smooth finish on the part which may eliminate the need to take a finishing pass with another end mill.


  1. Heavy Rates and High Speed with Good Chip Evacuation: 4 & 5 Flute Pitch Roughing End Mills. Our variable helix four and five flute fine pitch roughers with the multi-layer AlCrN coating can deliver long tool life and excellent chip evacuation. The special tool geometry is designed for heavy feed rates and high speed.  The corner radius eliminates the possibility of corner chipping and sizes are available in standard length and extended reach for tough to access milling.


  1. Versatile Fine Pitch: 5 Flute Single End w/ Flat 45° Helix Roughing End Mill. Five flute tools in a fine pitch design with a 45° helix, uncoated with a flatted shank can be used in a variety of materials. A similar roughing end mill with TiCN coating is recommended for non-ferrous materials where heavy material removal rates are applied.

Regal Cutting Tools roughing end mills provide the solution for maximum metal removal applications in any material.  

Find the right carbide roughing end mill or contact us and we can help you determine what is best for you application.